Tips 'n tricks

If a hole should tear, remove the thread, rub the card gently with the back of a spoon and place a tiny square of masking tape over the hole. Gently re-stitch, being careful not to pull the thread too roughly.

When choosing thread for card embroidery you don't have to pay a lot of money for your thread. I have known people who have used ordinary sewing thread and have achieved acceptable results.

One ply thread from manufacturers such as Kreinik, Anchor and Madeira are good threads to embroider your card with. Threads with a smooth, shinny surface are better to use than threads that are rough or fluffy.

Do not have your thread too long as it can twist and knot, especially if using metallic thread.

Use a very small needle when sewing beads onto your card, otherwise the needle may not pass through the bead.

If using adhesive to stick your card together, be careful not to get your card too wet as it can crinkle. Double sided tape is a safer bet.

If you send your card in the post, fold it with the card front on the inside, this will give it more protection when going through the posting system. Or place a layer of paper over the front of the card when you put it in the envelope.