Make these beautiful, festive Christmas cards with Cardbroidery stitching card patterns. Hand stitched cards say so much more than store-bought cards and will delight any person who receives them. Each sewing card pattern comes with easy step-by-step detailed instructions and diagrams, just download the e-pattern, print and prick the pattern onto your card and stitch - your friends and family will adore these lovely embroidered cards..

baubale and bows
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Baubles & bows £1.00
candles and stars
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Candles & stars £1.00
christmas balls
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Christmas balls £ 1.00
christmas selection
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Selection £1.00
christmas trees
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Christmas trees £1.00
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Church £1.00
gift boxes
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Gift boxes £1.00
tree and baubles
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Tree & baubles £1.00
tree and present
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Tree & present £1.00